Facial Services

Professional Therapeutic Facial - All facials are designed to address the client's skin needs and concerns. Aging skin, acne, sensitivity or skin maintenance.
30 min | $45
60min | $85 *Minimal extractions
90min | $99 *Minimal extractions

Nano Infusion Therapy Facial - Non-invasive treatment that infuses ingredients into the epidermis. This service creates greater product absorption, increased circulation, and muscle stimulation which creates a firmer skin foundation, reduction in fine lines, wrinkles and scaring. Perfect treatment to compliment aging gracefully. | $175

Teen Facial - 45 Min | $40 | Must be 18 or younger

60 min facial treatment | $125*
Add declotte treatment | $30

*Add on treatments for Eyes and lips to ANY FACIAL service for $15
*Extractions (for more compacted follicles) $15
*ADDED modalities to any treatment $15 or as a stand alone treatment $35
High Frequency | LED | Galvanic


Chemical Peel - layers acids and enzymes for deeper results | $150
*Includes take-home kit
Additional Nano infusion peel | $50

Back Facial - Standard facial procedure done on the back.
60 min | $80

Oncology Skin Care - advanced training go into being able to offer this service making sure we are able to work safely within the specialized clinical considerations for each individual person as everyone is different in their treatment needs. 1st appointment includes a thorough consultation is 1.5 hours and additional appointments are 75 minutes (each appointment will include a consultation)| $75

professional skincare mechanicsburg pa
professional skincare mechanicsburg pa

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Spa Hours

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